Fireplace systems as double-sided wood burning fire

You will enjoy a perfect view onto the fire with one of our TV (double-sided) fireplaces: Lina, Ronda and Pano tunnel versions are covered by our standard range. The rear side door is always fixed, but can be swing opened for cleaning. The front door can either be with a hinged or guillotine door just like our standard models. Custom made appliances are available on demand, e.g. with one side straight and the other in a round shape

With a modern Fireplace from Schmid you can heat comfortable and cost efficient. Using well-seasoned chopped firewood from your local area, a modern and efficient fireplace and the correct handling, you will obtain a cosy atmosphere and pleasant warmth and also protect the environment.

To look onto the flames is calming. Listening to the crackling and popping is pure relaxation. Enjoy this feeling not only from one point using your Schmid double sided fireplace as a room divider.



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