Hydronic technology – the interplay of fire and water

When equipped accordingly, your fireplace can not only provide pleasant radiated heat, at the same time it can also supply hot water for the central heating circuit. As a result, the so-called water-carrying fireplaces also generate an energetic added value for you as a home owner.

In addition, the main heating system can even be completely switched off in the spring and fall – for of course, hot water is nevertheless available! If desired, the entire heat requirement can be covered with the fireplace, for example when should central heating system fails.

When using hydronic technology as well, your fireplace should be adapted to the heat requirement of the installation room. And you can also choose how much heat is used for the room and how much for generating hot water.

Benefits of the hydronic technology:

  • Efficient solution for heating water
  • A few burn-downs per day are sufficient
  • Fireplace covers heat requirement in emergencies
  • Adapted to heat requirement
  • Variations for allocation of proportion of water and heat