• Front panels available in different sizes (Austria)
    and surfaces
  • With upper, low-emission firing
  • Door with triple glazing
  • Suitable for multiple flue connections

The fireplace body

The body is cast unit with very high temperature resistance. This material has proven its worth over the course of many decades. "Cast to last" for all masonry inserts.


Multiple glazing

Modern stove doors are equipped with multiple glazing. The window therefore remains clean for a long time and ensures a high temperature in the combustion chamber.


Wonderfully changeable

With the Change series, we offer a basic model with changeable Front panels (three sizes, easily plugged) in anthracite and gray. The large glass door is printed available in black (white on request).


Technical data

Nominal output   8 kW
Thermal output range (depending on wood amount)   3,9 - 8,4 kW
Efficiency   > 80,7 %
Insulation (based on SILCA 250KM)   60/60/80 mm
Ext. air connector   125 mm
Weight (incl. fireclay)   140 kg
Heat distribution: glass window   20 %
Heat distribution: convection   80 %


Data for chimney sweepers or responsible authority according to DIN EN 13384 (Closed operation)

Triple value for NWL
  Flue gas mass flow   7,8 g/s
  Flue gas temperature of reheater
  290 °C
  Required draught at flue gas
connector, min.-max.
  12 Pa


Triple value
for calculation
of ceramic storage
  Recommended wood amount   4,0 kg/h
  *Firing power   12,8 kW
  * Flue gas mass flow   17,1 g/s
  * Flue gas temperature of
reheater element
  533 °C
  * Required draught at flue
gas connector, min.-max.
  15 Pa
  Combustion Air Requirement   47,3 m³/h
* depending on wood amount