• Fireplace insert 2-sided open
  • Glass one-piece
  • 34(34)51 - Height 51 cm
    34(34)57 - Height 57 cm
  • Self-closing door
  • Standard refractory lining: Caloceram®
  • High quality steel-dome

New standard version: Kristall

The fireplace inserts Ekko (two-sided) are equipped standard with a 4-sided printed glass.

Refractory linning with Caloceram®

This material is a new kind of inner lining. Caloceram® has an efficient heat storage and also a high insulating properties.


Technical data

Nominal output   7 kW
Thermal output range (depending on wood amount)  
Efficiency   > 80 %
Insulation (based on SILCA 250KM)   100 mm
Ext. air connector   125 mm
Weight (depending on the equipment)   90 - 110 kg
Heat distribution: glass window   50 %
Heat distribution: convection   50 %


Data for chimney sweepers or responsible authority according to DIN EN 13384 (Closed operation)

Flue gas mass flow   6,4 g/s
Flue gas temperature   275 °C
Required draught,
  12-20 Pa