Always unique

The road from the quarry to the finished fireplace mantelpiece leads through numerous stations. The raw material generally comes from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece. In addition to limestone and marble, sandstone and granite is also processed.

Limestones are called sedimentary rocks, whose major portion are of biogenic origin. Marble is referred to and commonly known for all decorative and polishable limestones. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made of up to 2 mm sand grains cemented together, which consist primarily of quartz. Sandstone has already been a common building material for centuries. Granite is formed by the solidification of magma at a depth of more than 2 km below the surface. Granite is therefore a igneous rock, which is characterized by a relatively coarse crystalline appearance. "

Its a long ways from the quarry to the finished naturalstone fireplace. But after all the steps are completed, you will have a distinctive individual item: Noble naturalstone  combined with modern Schmid Feuerungstechnik inserts. For long-lasting pleasure with fire.