The SMR Schmid Multi-Control – simplify the use of your fireplace!

As a technical refinement for your fireplace we offer you special comfort with our control systems. Then your work is limited to laying in and lighting the firewood. The SMR Schmid Multi-Control takes care of the rest, and you can follow this at any time on the user-friendly display with its glass surface.

The SMR is equipped with an integrated combustion chamber sensor that measures the temperature inside the fireplace. Then this information is used to ensure that the air supply is always optimally adjusted.  This results in longer combustion times and keeps the embers glowing stably. In addition, with water-carrying fireplaces, the support of the central heating system and water heat-up can be controlled with the Schmid Multi-Control.

All acquired data are stored on an SD card and can help you to optimize the operating behavior of your fireplace.

Benefits of the Schmid Multi Regulator

  • can be integrated in almost any fireplace
  • can be upgraded at any time
  • extended time of burning
  • safe operation
  • stepless air supply during the entire combustion phase
  • optimized operating behavior
  • decisively longer lasting embers
  • lower fuel consumption
  • otimum emission values
  • prolonged heat storage
SMR Profi K

Attractive entry-level model or comfortable touch version

The SMR - Schmid Multi Regulator - is known for its high potential performance, solid measurement and an easy handling touch-display. Select a suitable display for your fireplace - whether as an SMR Mini Display with a simple test display or as an elegant glass display with a stylish design, combined with extremely simple operation. The SMR Touch Display has a clear menu structure. With the aid of self-explanatory graphics, operation is “simply universal”.





  Combination with other modules
Combustion control
SKS (Pumpgroup for hydronic-technology)
  Assembly and appearance
semi-integrated mounting in flush mounting box
Flush mounting (with recessed box)
Touchdisplay 4,3"
Textdisplay 2x16 characters
Dimensions in mm 124 x 82 x 27 146 x 108 x 4
Data recording
Beeps (can be disabled)
Simple coversational programming
Flush mounting box
Recessed box
CAN bus cable 6m



EN: Mini-Display



High quality appearance

The new glass display not only provides a premium look - With the new flush-mounted socket a plane mounting is possible.

Issuing acoustic signals

All displays are now equipped with a built-in speaker, capable of outputting if desired Attention Tones.

Additional information

With our new glass display, there is a new graphic for fireplaces including ceramic heat exchangers.

More intervention options

Now you can if necessary, make more adjustments for the burning behaviour according to the local conditions. In addition, the combustion control now provides an automatic adjustment of the air flap control in adverse operating conditions.

Data processing

We offer a free evaluation of the stored combustion times. This way you will understand the regulation better and help us in the further development of new functions.

Easy installation

With the new SMR CAN bus cable adapter you can connect each SMR module with standard installation cables with each other.