The masonry stove heat-kit – old handicrafts tradition meets modern combustion technology

Traditional yet modern heating: It's possible with a masonry stove heat-kit.

It is characteristic for this type of fireplace that the logs are burned directly at the bottom of the stove.

Most masonry stove heat-kits have a large fire clay mass so that a great deal of heat can be stored. This heat is then gradually given off to the room as radiated heat. That means pure comfort for many hours! And that's why masonry stove heat-kits are also suitable for continuous heating.

The exact design, execution and choice of materials is carried out very individually according to your requests in cooperation with an expert of your choice!

Benefits of a masonry stove heat-kit:

  • pleasant radiated heat
  • long-lasting heat storage
  • uniform heat emission for many hours
  • no overheating of the installation room
  • high efficiency
  • economical fuel wood consumption
  • low emission values
  • durable with a long service life
  • unlimited range of design options
  • free choice of materials
  • large window

Explosionszeichnung Grundofen

The Schmid masonry stove heat-kit combustion chambers

The masonry stove heat-kit is the most natural type of fireplace. It is either completely handcrafted or it is produced from prefabricated combustion chambers and flue gas channels. In both cases you are provided with an individual fireplace model that exactly suits your taste!

We at Camina/Schmid offer our specialized craftsmen a modular solution for masonry stove heat-kits that considerably reduces the planning and installation costs and effort. However, at the same time it leaves room for your personal needs and requirements. That's why models in various sizes are available. Corner and tunnel solutions can also be created with the modules. For example, when the masonry stove heat-kit is to serve as a room divider [link to various models]. All together the combustion chamber of nine centimeter (3.5 inch) thick fire clay and the execution of the ceiling channels make for a slim design.

The large-area, self-closing doors of the masonry stove heat-kit [link to doors of masonry stove heat-kit] offer you an unobstructed view of the flames. Schmid masonry stove heat-kits are supplied with double glazing in the Kristall version as standard. Multiple glazing is also available as an option. An anthracite version and various front finishes from ground stainless-steel to matt or glossy chrome to matt or glossy gold are available for your individual design ideas.

All models comply with the requirements of Level 2 of the 1st German Flue Gas Regulations (BImSchV) applicable since January 2015, the Agreement in accordance with Art. 15a of the Austrian regulations (B-VG) and the German Fuel Regulations of Munich and Regensburg.