Masonry inserts from Schmid - optimize your fireplace

The heart of every fireplace system is the masonry insert: Here the optimum, uniform heating of the fireplace begins with an efficient combustion. Our devices are characterized by a particularly low-emission combustion, which satisfies more than the legal guidelines demand.

The high gas temperatures make it possible to supplement your stove with large heat storage or with a system for distributing warm convective air. This way you may obtain, for example a pleasantly warm benchrest. To make an elegant connection between the fireplace surrounding and the masonry insert, our frames offer an optimal solution. Many of our masonry inserts can also be used as a replacement unit, so an older fireplace is ready for the future.

The regulation of a fireplace system is simplified by the SMR Schmid Multi-regulation. Besides regulating the fire it can also control other components of domestic technology.

Benefits of masonry inserts:

  • heat storage and hot air distribution as a supplement
  • clean combustion
  • frames as an elegant transition
  • External filling door possible