Fireplace inserts Schmid - for the inner values

What would a fireplace be without the proper insert? The fireplace insert always holds your home comfortably warm.
In order to integrate a high-quality and functional core in your fireplace, it is advisable to use a Schmid fireplace insert.

What heat output suits best depends on the size of the installation room. Therefore you will find in our product range fireplace inserts with 5-14 kW heat output. They are characterized by many extravagant formats, such as rounded, multi-sided or extra-wide dimensions. All models feature an external air connection in order to guide the combustion air into the fireplace insert. This design provides safety because the air which the fire needs is not drawn out of the room.
Through different options you can choose exactly the right model .

Benefits of fireplace inserts:

  • In many formats, e.g. compact, extra wide, two- or three-sided
  • proper power rating for any installation room
  • hinged front or guillotine door
  • Schmid Multi-regulation facilitates controlling